Hi, My name is Ian Boyle,  if you don’t mind, I’ll get straight to it….

…….If you are here, chances are your looking at beginning your journey, to having a profitable online business, to help create a laptop lifestyle allowing you more freedom, to concentrate on things that mean more to you; whether that be with loved ones, traveling or fitness etc.
If this is the reasoning, I’ll be honest there are plenty of people online and able to give advice and to guide you, promising that everything is plane sailing, we aren’t in the late 90’s where this would have been a lot more difficult to find a mentor to reply to you without it costing a fortune.
But saying that, Straight up! From the beginning, I want to be clear on one thing, It’s not easy without hard-work, like everything in life it if you want it, be dedicated to it!! I will be very honest and straight with you. I’ll not be that person that will promise you that it can be done in a couple of weeks, with minimum effort, click of a few buttons, sorry!! That’s not me!
I will be sharing real insightful reasons why this is all possible, to get that lifestyle you’ve always wanted.
It’s important that I let you know my surroundings, I don’t work in an office in some fancy skyscraper, nor do I have a PhD plastered up on my wall, or turn up to work in a suit carrying a briefcase. Infact, I started an apprenticeship at the age of 16 in construction.
My surroundings consists of hotel rooms, costa coffee, in different locations all over the world, why? Because, No.1 = I CAN. No.2 = its my passion to travel. No.3 = Because I like coffee. 
So if you had a picture in mind of me, sitting there in the office, suited and booted, formally educated, ready to feed you with a business plan to get you stupid rich in two weeks, Then sadly I’m not that guy!
So who is Ian Boyle and what is the James Cove Lifestyle?
Firstly, Ian Boyle (me) was born in Scotland 1988 and raised in a place called Clydebank, (known for the Clydebank blitz) its a town just outside Glasgow City Centre.
I was lucky to grow up in a loving family that had to work hard to live and maintain a normal life. I struggled with the education system and wasn’t a quick learner like the rest of the kids growing up, later realising that I had dyslexia (Such a hard word to spell when your dyslexic).
But one thing that’s always been within me, even from a young age, is that I knew I would be successful, I wasn’t sure what that success was going to be or look like, but deep down, I knew there was more to life for me than being stuck in a 9 to 5 job.
I managed to work my way through Secondary School and get myself an apprenticeship in Painting and Decorating, completing the drooling 4yrs, I decided that construction wasn’t for me and wanted a complete change in career, I thought I would be more suited to an office environment, I managed to get a start within the Banking industry again after 5yrs, I knew this lifestyle wasn’t for me! I constantly kept thinking of having my own business/travelling the world!
These are the two things that never left my thoughts! Traveling and being my own boss!
I decided on September 2016 it was time to see what travelling was all about, I managed to get a sabbatical from work and left with the intention of returning back after 5 months, yeah you guessed it! I didn’t return back for 2 and half years!! It was incredible, best decision of my live to date!!
Your probably thinking to yourself, how is all this going to help me?
How is Ian’s story of his life so far going to help me start my journey, well basically, I started from nothing, not knowing a single thing about earning money online, especially when sleeping, how cool would that be, well it can be and i’m living proof!!
There are a whole bunch of ways to earn money online and I want you to have the same opportunities as I did! I want you to become a Digital entrepreneur!!
Now, when I returned back from travelling all those amazing countries having the freedom to explore whatever I wanted, and go wherever I wanted, I finally had that feeling of being my own boss! I was at the highest point in my life! I was seriously living my best life!!
Sadly, This all came to a sudden end, it was time to go home! I was initially excited to see my family and friends, buzzing to tell them the stories that I had experienced throughout my travels. But the excitement quickly disappeared, I had this feeling that I didn’t fit into this type of lifestyle, I was feeling really low, I quickly got back into employment thinking that was the missing piece to the jigsaw,  to soon realise that in the space of 2 months, I went from my highest point to my lowest point! I really didn’t know who I was any more, I lost my girlfriend of 5yrs! I was constantly thinking, Could my life get any worse!!? (Totally bottling all this up, I don’t like using this term but close to depression and refusing to speak about it!)
It dramatically did! I was out with my colleagues, on a works night out, where I got a phone call from my dad! He was in tears (This was the first time I’ve heard him cry)! He could hardly talk, I was again thinking the worst, He finally manage to stutter out some words! My older sister had been rushed to hospital as her liver failed, This happen on the Friday, the doctors said they are doing everything they can to keep her alive and get her a donor!
As this moment, naturally I started being positive, I was being strong for her!! All I kept playing over in my head was telling her that her dogs are home and she’ll get to see them soon!!
10pm on the friday night and the doctor had the conversation with us about thinking how we would like to say our last words to our amazing sister! Even at this stage, I was still replaying that future conversation in my head! I noticed a picture that was very unusual, it was a picture of a female, but she underneath her eyes, they were pierced, to me it looked like tears, in this very realistic photo that was hanging up, I stood as close to it as I could get, looked into those eyes and for one last time I replayed that conversation in my head, Blurring out everything around me “Hi Jamie-lee your being very strong, your dogs can’t wait to see”!
Breaking my deep concentration of this, the nurse burst threw the doors with excitement, He screamed “we have a donor and it matches!!”
Two weeks later, I managed to say those exact words to my sister! This meant everything to me and my family!!
Without my sister knowing it, she sparked me into being positive again! Thinking about memories, clearing my mind and realising what is important in life!
From that day, both myself and my sister are living our James-Cove-lifestyle! Doing exactly what makes us happy! I haven’t looked back! I’m on the most exciting journey of my career and with help from ‘The Secret’ (although I knew nothing about the secret until after all this) I’m not asking people to believe in this, all I’m going to say is and don’t judge “I 100% believe in it!”
So after everything calmed down and my sister finally return home, I returned to work, immediately started researching everything about making money online! Believe me, there is hundreds of pure nonsense out there! None of it was giving me that feeling, that gut feeling! Until I stumbled across Stuart Ross and his business! That initial gut feeling was there, but I was still very sceptical, I was about 80% yes for getting involved! I knew I couldn’t do this on my own as I was working full time and was really needing to be coach along the way and helped with ideas!
Long story short, I got involved and haven’t looked back since, as cliche as that sounds! I currently have set up, two websites, that are both bringing in income, I’m looking at bring in some employees to help grow my main business as its doing so well and that is all down SFM (and a little bit of positive thinking) funny this, It’s probably 80% thinking positive, and 20% help from SFM!!
So basically, in a nutshell! I’m not here to demand anything from you. (although I’m certainly here to answer any questions if you have any at all) I’m here to be positive and show that I’m living proof, that I was at my lowest point and still managed to show it all works if you believe it will!
Still here? (This is an extremely good sign, thanks if you are 🙂 )
What my plan is, and this is where I get serious and don’t hold back!! SFM can only help certain individuals along their own journey.
Firstly – If you are someone who is always angry and moody when hard work is asked of them, We can’t help you
Secondly – If you aren’t a positive person like I said before, then again i’m sorry we can’t help you!
Thirdly – This isn’t going to make you stupid rich in a couple of weeks or even in a couple of months (although depending on your commitment as it’s been done before, people have changed their world in the space of a couple of months)
Things not to worry about are – you don’t have any ideas! (Trust me, I didn’t either, but now I have to many haha!) You don’t have any money! Your struggling with time as you work full-time! You will not be forced to do anything you really don’t want to, again believe me I wasn’t!! These are all coming from fear talking (watch Will Smith’s talk about fear, it helped me! One day I will personally thank him for it 😉  …..watch this space) Try to only talk and think positive!!   
You need to get focused, zoned in and be realistic with your goals! Be ready to invest both in time and a bit of money, if patience is needed as long as your developing at your speed then that’s all we can ask of you! Have a burning desire, whether that be to travel more, see your family more and actually enjoy it! Anything that will help you be focused throughout your journey!
So if you are serious about change, (if you are still here I would take that as a massive 80% gut feeling) tired of not living the life you want, at least let’s start seeing about how this could all help you and fit into your world, to get the dream job you’ve always wanted and deserved! That can range from importing goods from china to sell on amazon or to create a DNA health company! Anything is possible with the right guidance and that what SFM can do!  
I really do hope you start believing in yourself and take the 1st step on your own journey!!
P.S writing an about me page isn’t easy and I could’ve gone down the route of paying someone to write this for me but I really wanted this to come across in my own words! Hope you enjoyed the read